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Humanity! Ubuntu! Bantu!anthu!abantu!
All but words that have the same meaning in linguistic nature.

Humanity! A symbol that once kept Africa united and saw people come together to fight a common era.

Ubuntu! We came from all corners of the diaspora and fought a common era - slavery.

Colour was not a definitive picture for there was no black, coloured , Indian, Hutu, Nsenga, Bemba, Tswana, Yoruba, Xhosa, Ngoni and all nativity but we were one Africa bound together in love and heart.

Abantu! Lets return back to the past and preserve our culture.

We are Africans and our descendants will only be Africans if we conserve our traditional values.

We need to be proud of ourselves, lets stop fighting one another, we are brothers and sisters. Let us stand united; for united we stand, divided we fall.
Lets stop fighting what took us years to build. Lets remember the blood shed to reberate us. How they united for one common goal - freedom.

Lets make our ancestors proud that they may know that what they did was not in vain.

For they fought that history might be conserved that we might have a future knowing where we come from that was once preserved for us.

Bantu!!! Know for sure that a man with no history is no less than a sounding gong.

Humanity! Let us change back to the past for the better of the future.

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