"Is climate change and its impacts really a myth?"


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"Is climate change and its impacts really a myth?" This is the question many people are asking.

Firstly, climate change according to Encarta Dictionary is defined as change in global weather patterns: long-term alteration in global weather patterns, especially increases in temperature and storm activity, regarded as a potential consequence of the greenhouse effect. (Microsoft® Encarta® 2009). Like explained in the definition climate change brings about global warming, floods, droughts, storms and other impacts. Climate change comes about mainly because of manly activities like cutting down of trees, emission of greenhouse gases from factories and vehicles. Cutting down of trees contribute to climate change in that when trees that absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during the process of photosynthesis are cut down it will mean the concentration of carbon dioxide increases. If the concentration of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases increases it will mean more heat and hence bringing what is known as global warming.

Although, the above mentioned things do happen many people still think climate change is a myth. Some say that this is a punishment from God basing their belief on stories in the Bible an example been the story of Noah where God sent heavy rains to destroy sinners. Others argue that the observed warming could be caused by natural processes such as changes in the energy emitted by the Sun (Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2009). In other words they say climate change is natural and it is not caused by the activities of man.

Analysing the two sides of the argument, ‘IS CLIMATE CHANGE AND ITS IMPACTS REALLY A MYTH?’

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