"Poverty and Hunger" We don't want to see these words in 21st Century

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In the 21st century where the world is moving to make their next home to the moon..

Why then, do these words need to remain? "FOOD" is not available to all of the nations on this planet. Developed countries and UN Agencies provide enough funds to remove Hunger from this planet. So the question left behind is; why are people in Africa is struggling with their daily life, fighting to survive to collect their meals? Why are their leaders and governments using "Charted Planes" to go shopping in Paris? People are dying like insects.

We, the youths of the 21st century, will no longer support these kind of inequalities between human beings regardless of race, color, religion and borders. We have to raise our voice for mankind to stop corruption, and we ask World bodies to find a proper solution so that the funds they allocate should reach the right initiatives. No one has the right to take advantage stealing country's money and fill up their lockers with billions of dollars.

Everyone has to keep in mind in this digital media world that we can watch what the governments are doing. Youths alerting all the corrupted governments and their officials to end up now or there will be no place for them in future to hide or seek political advantage. Everyone has to come under JUSTICE. No one is above the law.

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