‘The Urban Village’- Omega’s initiative

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We have all individually identified many problems with our society, but the real question is can we do something about it? And if so, how? The students of our school, astonished by the problems of gender imparity in education decided to help at least one girl acquire quality education. What started out as a simple idea slowly progressed into an actual plan of action. The student leaders of the school got together and discussed thoroughly various ideas that would help collect money to make a difference in at least one girl child’s life. After many brainstorms the idea of a fest seeped in. As all small projects involve the nearest community, we decided to conduct a fest of games and food for all the students and parents of Omega. With very little time in our hands, The leaders divided their jobs involving all the students of 11th and 12th with an investment of Rs.200 from each student with the motive for a good cause. The fest ‘The Urban Village’, was a two day program in which all the parents and students participated and enjoyed all the games and food. It was a grand success with a lot of money coming in due to the entertaining nature of the fest. Fun and the incentive of a good cause combined to give a great result. Now all the money collected from this event is in the process of being used for the education of a girl child. This is now going to be a yearly event always using the money for the education of girls. Even though it started with one girl, the difference and the awareness it has caused has been tremendous.

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