“Why is it important for children & youth to have a voice in business?” UNICEF / The Guardian

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A young man should have a right to their own opinion with regard to business.


The question that we must ask is: Why not?

It is true that a young man has no deep knowledge about management or economics, but this kind of knowledge that he lacks at this stage of his life, is filled with creativity and the ability to solve a problem in a way that probably no one would imagine. This kind of initiatives become beneficial for both parties, since it creates a "small" challenge for child that will grow, learn and leave this experience more motivated, which certainly will arouse your interest to what surrounds it.

On the other hand, the business can also learn a lot from a young man, it's time to divest dogmas and prejudices. The capabilities of the newest are, for the most part, overlooked only because of his age, and thus ends up being ruled out an option that could be the best solution for a given problem. But we must not forget that the logical reasoning is inherent in the human being, and what seems surreal can be quite possible, to do this simply to understand what the real intent of that idea. I would add that in a competitive world as is the current business world, innovation or a creative solution can dictate the success of a company, and be on our side someone who can think "out of the box" is a big plus.

In my view, the introduction of a younger element always has interesting results, since they are of them coming out great ideas! The worst that can happen is they take several years until come out of your head ... Or rather, until have a college degree and age to can: test, make mistakes, try again, fail, improve and finally launch. Although it is an old maxim, not far from the truth, the "little ones" today are entrepreneurs or scientists of "tomorrow", and that is undeniable and irrefutable. Therefore, I consider that is part of our obligations towards society to stimulate and encourage young people to participate actively in projects of this type.

For all this, I have to emphasize once again that would be of the utmost importance that a project like this becomes true, thus opening up opportunities of development either as people or as future professionals. We must not forget that initiatives like this could minimize the current world mistakes, making "tomorrow" in a world where competition is more loyal, honest and less aggressive, which defend the good values and customs by which many fought and if we do nothing, those battles and efforts for nothing has served.

"I have a dream" – Martin Luther King

José (18) Portugal

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