“Why is it important for children & youth to have a voice in business?”

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Why is it important for children & youth to have a voice in business?

Before starting on importance of voice of youths in business I want to paint the real life picture on how youth have been overlooked and how, if that had changed , the world would be a better place to live in. I would like to add on that youths should not only have voice in business but also on business policies that affect them one way or other. It’s very unfortunate that, amidst all the concern and millions of fund exchanging hands in regular intervals, geography has been a bottleneck for children and youth across the world. If someone could open up that geographical barrier there lies a lot of potential unearthed, many souls that are ready to muster their effort. If the output had been reflection of whatever input they are giving then productivity and efficiency would have been on upward trend. As a popular English adage “Only the shoe-wearer knows where it pinches” youths know where business lags in truly understanding them and they most probably than not have solution for the same. Naivety, carelessness, lack of understanding may be orthodox adjective to describe youths but nobody has till now put an effort to break the shell and have the piece of nut till now.

The matter of fact I am trying to stress is that businesses sometime tend to overlook the sheer capabilities of youth, that raw power and enterprising abilities, abilities to take risk. If somehow they can channel that, share the vision, the dreams, mould them irrespective of geographical barrier when needed then the result will be as good as it gets. With a formidable group/circles and the welcoming mind youths have what it takes to foray into business and commerce world. They have the aptitude to solve the problem and constructive interaction with peers from various walks they are in a better position to consolidate their learning and make a gem out of it. Moreover, they can also access the demand requirement first hand, so if anyone goes in for the new business venture I believe youths can be a genuine consultant. The examples are there for us to see, Nick D’Aloisio who impressed Yahoo’s honchos with his innovative app, plus one must not forget to mention Warren Buffet because he has time and again reiterated the fact that investing as a youth has helped him a lot. Plus there are many examples that go unearthed. This has been more highlighted with e-business ruling the roost now more than ever before.

Thus, I conclude youths must have voice from inception of business to established business. Those aforementioned abilities are all proven one which has somewhat been undermined over time. If that inclusion void is fulfilled then I can say with absolutely say that youths and children will be seen with far more superior spectrum.

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