“Why is it important for children and youth to have a voice in Business?”

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Franklin D. Roosevelt a famous author once said “We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future.” This statement is indeed true as children live what they learn and is no longer seen and not heard but have the opportunity to voice their opinions which can help to build a better Jamaica as we are the upcoming leaders for tomorrow. The lives of youths and children are empowered through many mediums and one such is businesses. Businesses are not only established to provide goods and services to consumers but to encourage social support for the country. They can impact the lives of our children and youths through technology, granting financial support, education through experience and expertise and the importance of volunteerism. Businesses can assist children in financial support as many students are seen leaving high school and cannot further their education to the tertiary level. This financing can be in the form of scholarships to aid students in furthering their education so that they can aid in the economic growth of our country. This can be effective as the government of Jamaica is constrained by lack of resources, anaemic economic growth and the dilemma within the education system which affects our youths greatly can be aided.

Youth’s views are often seen as irrelevant but should not be so as the youths have more innovative ideas and technological skills to make work easier to aid in the holistic development of the company today and for the future. This will create more jobs for youths as according the to the Jamaican Gleaner dated October 9,2011 states that Jamaica has the second-highest unemployment rate at roughly 11.8 per cent, and fourth-highest poverty rate at 43.1 per cent compared with 23 regional neighbour and has increased within the 2 year period. (http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20111009/business/business8.html).It is also evident where one of Jamaica’s top corporate business Jamaica Public Service (JPS) has supported youths through sponsorship in athletic endeavours and education. However, many businesses may be unaware that they play a role in the voicing of our children concerns. Businesses can aid with the improvement of both children and youths opinions by the introduction of campaigns to educate unaware adults and establishing youth clubs in order to hear their voices about their concerns and help to nurture them while growing up . As a future business leader I would establish more Youth Clubs and Service Clubs for youths by making it a criterion in preparing them mentally for the world of work through experience and expertise and also allowing them to have a voice in my company through their new and creative ideas which can increase the success of my company. The youths are the future and businesses play a vital role through empowerment. Listen to their problems and try solving them!!

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