2014--The Promising Road Ahead

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The Pope has spoken about 2014. He calls for change, peace and unity across the planet. In my opinion, I believe the Pope to be as demanding as every other citizen of the Earth. Many skeptics thought 2013 was bad, unlucky even, because of the dreaded number 13. I think the bad quality of a year can only be attributed to the bad quality of the people who create it. And time is created by everyone! So, here's a proclamation to everyone saying that we should all get our heads out of the sky or the Earth or wherever else they might be and put them together. That's right, collaboration. It's the only way to end the war on poverty, hunger, war itself! Goals for 2014 should include (but are not limited to):

--Stopping civil war in Syria and providing aid for children of war

--Allocating more funds of the WHO particularly towards research, development, and cures for Drug-Resistant TB, HIV/AIDS, and Malaria

--Concentrating on malnutrition, marasmus, and other poverty-induced hunger-related diseases.

--Developing sustainable use of resources in developed countries so as to allow resource availability in developing countries

Teens, stand up and raise your voices! Talk to teachers, friends, anyone and everyone for the simple purpose of raising conversation and to get people talking. The simple truth about communications, word of mouth and the power of speech is that it is...well, powerful. When you consider platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, just think of the progress and achievement they experienced over such short time simply because of verbal communication. Spread the word in your community. If you are standing in line (in a queue) to get groceries, strike up a conversation with the person in front of you about VOY, UNICEF, things that you are passionate about, etc. Remember the KONY 2012 video? It received millions of views on YouTube simply because of word of mouth. Utilize the power of talking to the best of your ability.

Teens, one last thing. Remember that adults are trying as much as possible to change the world in which we have to grow up and in which we have to live. I hope that we can all realize that the world is in our hands now because we will be inhabiting it over the next 100 years. Take matters into your own hands and write/blog/paint/live/etc. with a purpose. Be the change you want to see because you do have the power to change and make change.

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