4 Things You Learn From Traveling

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This blog post is a collaboration between Salam Al-Nukta and Julia Yasemin Kettner.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller,” Ibn Batuta once said, an Arab traveler. How accurate is this? Well, based on real-life experience, it couldn’t be any more true.

Travelling is a school and a wealthy experience. While travelling, you learn lessons that you are never taught in regular schools. The excitement of meeting new people and living in a new culture is a worthwhile adventure.

So, from the dozens of lessons we learned while travelling, here are our favorites:

1. You meet unforgettable people

It is true that you pass thousands of people every day. But most of them don’t touch your life the same way as people do who you meet while travelling. We’re probably saying this, because the strongest friendships we made so far are the ones we made during our travels. We remember looks being exchanged before talking - and talk never stops afterwards.

2. You get out of your environment

That is essential. A time where you are forced to get out of your comfort zone is necessary. We live our lives. We live our everyday routine and we keep our heads stuck in the same problems and tons of responsibilities we have. When you travel, you get yourself out of the box and eventually you can find solutions.

3. You discover a world outside the “bubble”

Traveling is a way of discovering that we ourselves might be living in a bubble. Traveling is like a needle that makes this bubble pop and suddenly you realize that there is a great world outside of it. People who speak languages you’ve never heard of and do things you didn’t think were possible. Sometimes traveling makes us feel small and insignificant. We become one out of billions of people. At the same time it makes us feel like we are part of a great puzzle. Each time we travel we discover something new and collect valuable memories.

4. You rediscover the meaning of “home”

One thing we have learned from traveling, especially traveling alone, is the true value of home. Home is more than just a house, home is made out of home cooked family dinners and Sunday breakfasts. Home is the board games we play and the stories we share. Home is waking up when the cat decides that it is time for a concert of meows and home is the occasional fight with mom. Home is the blanket fort we build with friends, no matter how old we get. When at home we take most of these things for granted, but traveling makes us aware of how much I love these details.

These four are just a couple of lessons two travelers have learned from their adventures. Traveling can be a truly life changing experience. It can teach us lessons for life and along the road we may find the most incredible stories. It doesn’t always matter where you go, as long as you travel with your curiosity and an open mind.

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