5 Mobile App Trends You Can't Ignore


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The influential social media site Mashable.com has launched its 2011 "Mobile App Trends You Can't Ignore". Mashable is helping us to keep track of the development in cell phones and apps which are growing at an extraordinary pace, and the article gives us some interesting trends to think about.

Number 1 on their list of trends is localized search and deal updates. In New York where I live these services are especially interesting, because they allow us to use our cell phones to save money and a lot of resturaunts and stores are offering deals up to 50% off the bill. I would be interested to see if this localized search could be translated in developing countries to help young people find key services and even job opportunities. Connecting the services with the end user is much more of a challenge in low resource areas, but maybe location based apps can help.

Number 2 on the list says that accessing information in "the cloud" through a mobile phone is becoming easier and more useful. The cloud is a place to save documents that can then be accessed by any computer at anytime, living at all times in cyberspace. Again, the possibilites to innovate in the developing world on this trend is exciting...in areas with low bandwith and lack of computers, young people and commnunity leaders could access important documents and information on these new cell phone applications. Even curriculium could be delivered to teachers or medical advice to community health workers.

Read Trends #3-5 by checking out the link below and then post about how you are using your cell phone in new and creative ways or share an idea on what you would like to see happen next in the world of mobile!


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