A Blue-less Season, For All of Us

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I am standing in the centre of a globe, filled with snow.

All around me is a silence so silent, that even the snowflakes dropping are nothing to the comparison of the voice of my heartbeat.

I am enclosed in these thoughts that refuse to also go silent.

Why am I entrapped in this centre, thinking?

In many parts of our globe, Christmas is near.

And I see it in here, various sizes of footprints.

Footprints of those migrants who probably dispersed from this path, hunting for shelter… while during this season, perhaps some hunt for deer.

As I walk this path, I pick up some remnants of shiny gift paper. It instils in my mind the thoughts of gifts and the happiness associated with them.

I can’t help but smile, but it’s a sad one.

I believe that life is give and take and that you must first give to be given… Sadly, our world doesn’t understand that.

Instead of give and take, most are so self-centred and selfish to even spare a thought of giving to others.

I put a small package as an offering on the footsteps of the small cabin a homeless man finds his sanctuary at, and I already know that his smile will be enough to light up the whole world, if someone saw the warmth and meaning behind it.

I go deeper into the forests, and I can’t help but notice the cold zephyr threatening to vibrate my bones.

But on my way, I go past a cabin which has a blazing fireplace lit for warmth.

There once stood someone outdoors knocking as a guest, really requiring that round fireplace to be shared with, but he was ignored.

All I am saying is that, could you spare some of your seasons celebration time, and invite into the celebrations someone you would consider a stranger perhaps?

Someone who has reached old age and has no family around to at least at this time of the year, put a smile on their faces?

Imagine yourself, for a while… living alone. Or wanting to also put up a magical bright tree up, buy gifts for someone, or the excitement of receiving some gifts?

That all is already on our life agendas, but what if it wasn’t?

What if this wasn’t to be taken for granted?

I am not requesting you to buy some fancy gifts.

All I am saying is why not invite that homeless person you walk past every day for a dinner?

Why not gift that lady with a worn out old sweater a new one, using the season as an excuse?

Why not slip some gifts for some children who don’t even expect it because they are now orphans with no family around?

There are endless opportunities for us to be the cause of warmth and care.

For us to show our humanity.

Because, what is humanity, but sharing your love to fellow humans?

Why not use this season to unite as simple humans leaving all barriers aside?

Let Unity eliminate holiday blues.

No one deserves to feel blue especially during this season, when in reality it is unfortunate that the opposite happens.

But you can change it.

We all can.

And its time I invite you to do so.

To tell you that you can even though you never imagined you could.

I have been doing so, for many years now.

When this season comes around, I feel like a special Santa.

In me, burns this fire to spread as much unity and warmth as possible.

I travel not for recreation but to bond with many fellows, in old homes, charity houses, and orphanages… a hundred places full of opportunities as I said.

I do not let a disease, or any excuse get in the way.

They know I am coming, and await.

It makes me happy, that I can be a better Santa to them – well at least they get to see me, and me likewise!

And on closing note,

It’s magical. How my thoughts and care for all these people, who I consider a part of my family, get them touched and happy… just the exchange of how the year has passed, the cocoa and the smiles… it’s a bonding I treasure so deeply that no words are enough to describe it.

I want you to try it too,

Let this season, be a united blue-less time, for all of us.

Stay Blessed.

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