A caged bird should be set free

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A child has the right to return home.

I await for the day I can return and place my foot on my earth. I want to feel the heat on my face and embrace the atmosphere.
I yearn to hear the sounds and the smells of the busy city. The constant sounds of the car horns, music from the restaurants play and children busily chatting on their way to school.

I want to feel the warm and loving embrace of my family and to see those I never ever had the chance to meet.

I would like to feel complete.
I want to feel complete!

The time will come soon, but when?
I need to return to my motherland the place where I feel complete.
I read and dream about this place, I have always wondered what the fresh air smells like over there, would life be better?

I read about the great places others have been before, I can only imagine to keep my dream alive. I listen to the music, I dance in happiness. I close my eyes and pretend I am sitting at my window and I peep at everyone down there and I smile, this is home I pretend. The music stops and reality forces me back to reality with a huge slap. I drop to the ground, I stand up in a daze and I realise I am still in the same place.

I would rather go and die complete, without the feel of homeland under my feet life would not be worth it.

My greatest goal is not to visit my homeland, but it is my biggest dream, and it will come true.

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