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When I asked myself what could I do if I were a billionaire, I had basically two main ideas: The first idea was about empowering youth. And the second one was about helping refugees starting over their lives.

Let’s start with the first project: What someone can do to empower youth? From a personal point view, I believe that the main fields to work on are education and employment. Therefore, my idea is about the creation of an employment fund and a scholarship program. The employment fund will provide the initial financial start to young persons building their projects. However, the financial help is never enough.

If money can help you make one step forward, a good advice will make it double.

Consequently, a monitoring program should be provided in order to help youth during the process and journey of business establishment. Meanwhile, the scholarship program is also not only about providing the financial help to students in need. It is also about getting a mentor for every student.

If I were a billionaire, I would start those projects. But to ensure their sustainability, I thought about an “intern sponsoring”. Every young person who has once benefited from the programs should contribute to it once he earns enough money through his work. It will create a sort of community where members will be helping each other even if they don’t necessarily know one another.

On the other hand, I thought about helping refugees because I believe that it is the best way to denounce wars, genocides and all violence acts. Through giving hope to refugees, we may help re-establish a whole country.

As you noticed, the two ideas are about giving people the equal opportunity to realize their potential. I always defended social justice. And I’ve always been told that I am a dreamer.

But I prefer being a positive thinking dreamer than an apathetic realist.

You have probably also noticed that those projects don’t necessary require a billionaire founder. However, being a billionaire offers the necessary network and influence to realize them.

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