A Goodbye Note

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I can start by saying sorry. Sorry for not having a proper goodbye.

I'm sorry if I let you down. I'm sorry I am writing this eight months late.

I tried to be strong, I really did, but I had no idea how I was supposed to handle losing you, I still don't.

You have created my greatest memories as a little girl. You taught me how to draw my very first bunny and you taught me my first prayer.

Do you remember when I lost my grandma? I was still 8 and had no idea what death was. I slept in your arms than night. You told me I would never be alone because I would always have you and I stopped crying and I hugged you and fell asleep feeling so safe and loved. Now your shirt and all these memories are all I take to bed.

After you were gone your friends kept talking to me on the street trying to make me feel stronger by telling me how proud I should be for being your granddaughter. I had to avoid them in the streets for some time because they were only reminding me of what I had lost.

I will always miss your laugh, your jokes, your travelling stories, the way you loved listening to Adele and Usher, the way you loved us.

You were a blessing to our lives.

I will forever and always love you.

Goodbye Grandpa...

Goodbye angel...

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