A helping hand - If I were a billionaire

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If I were a billionaire...

What would you do if you had a billion pounds? What could you spend all that cold, hard cash on? I know what I'd spend it on. I'd buy a sports car and a mansion (or two).

But seriously what could we do with a billion pounds to help? What could we do to be a good citizen of this world of ours?

I don't need to go into detail, because the answer is simple really. If I had a billion pounds I would help the poor. I would help those in Africa, by giving them their basic needs. Water, food, shelter and clothing.

And most importantly I would give them an education. Something which is irreplaceable. Something which you can only be taught. Not given. Something which will allow them to build a better future for themselves, in an isolated world of competition.

I would not give them this as a loan. Instead I would give it to them as a gift. From one person to another. To ensure that none go without. To ensure we all have a basic standard of living.

For after all we were not all born wealthy, and if you look back far enough, you will find someone, maybe your grandparents or their parents, who was in need. Who was just waiting for a helping hand. For a small favour.

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