A heroine gone too soon

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She signed the consent forms and went to the operating room not to save her own life but of someone else. She never made it to live to see her dream come true.

This is the sad story of a 29 year old Kenyan girl who accompanied her uncle to India for a kidney transplant so as to save his life. Three days after the transplant Rehema passed on after developing complications.

According to the Nairobi star, mid last year Rehema’s uncle was diagnosed with a kidney malfunction that required an urgent transplant. She whole heartedly offered to give him one of her kidneys so as to increase his lifespan.

In July they flew to India to have the transplant which was successful but while in the recuperating room Rehema developed a complication that lead to her death three days later. The uncle who got the kidney is said to be progressing well .

Her brother says, after leaving the operation room Rehema was so happy that she had saved a life citing that she had been motivated by the death of her father who had passed on last year due to an organ failure.

When a postmortem was done on Rehema, the doctors found a blood clot that had blocked her main artery to the kidney and suffocated other main organs such as the brain, heart and lungs.

Rehema has left us but she has gone a heroine who will forever remain in memories. Rest in eternal peace Rehema

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