A letter to Santa Claus

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Dear Santa,

I think I’m a little old to think you actually exist, but I still need to write this letter to someone. I know that you give gifts based on your “Naughty and Nice List” and I know I am not on either of the lists because I am an in between the lines type of person. But none the less I have a very big favor to ask you. For Christmas this year, I don’t want any clothes or books or fuzzy socks. Instead of just gifting the nice boys and girls this year, I challenge you to go against your usual Christmas Agenda and gift the whole world the unbelievably wonderful gift of World Peace.

I know it’s a stretch Santa, believe me I know. I’ve read enough history books to understand the concept of war and history repeating itself. I know that it’s a really big gift and you won’t be able to fit it in your sleigh, but I know so many people who wish for world peace when they hit their knees and pray by their beds every night. I do not pray, as I do not know which religion really fits me and my beliefs. I believe most of the religions are the same beliefs with different gods, goddesses or higher powers. But I do believe in world peace and I do believe in the greater good of the people.

Please take this letter into deep consideration. I know it’s a lot but I am only a fifteen year old girl, I can’t bring world peace to Earth on my own. Make them believe, make me believe Santa.


Chloe Zeeuw

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