A Light of Hope for All Girls- Reflections on International Day of the Girl

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This past Friday was International Day of the Girl. I got the chance to attend one of the events, Game Changers for Girls' Education, and I wanted to fill you in VOY style!

Game Changers was a leadership forum where UN global leaders, directors and founders from the private sector, and young women participated. The room was packed with more women than men. Discussions ranged from technological access among girls to investing in young women's dreams.

The discussions and ideas moved the room, but there were two moments that really stood out to me. The first, was the introduction of the Girl Declaration (you can read it here:http://bit.ly/15GVUTs) followed by 6 young women. These women represented countries such as Nepal, Egypt, and Burkina Fasso exclaiming International Day of the Girl was “their moment altogether.” Talk about unity for all girls! They offered their thoughts on what International Day of the Girl meant to them. The young woman from Nepal said “raising voices supporting girls is very important,” and the young woman from Burkina Fasso said “A light of hope for all girls who have not had the opportunity for girls to pursue their status as girls.”

One speaker, Tara Roberts co-founder of girltank, offered an inspiring story about one of the women she met while she was traveling trying to pursue her own career. This young woman, Arthi, she described was born in India. Arthi saved enough money to go to school and receive an education which was rare from where she was from, but that wasn't enough for her. Arthi felt as though something was missing. What about the other girls? This “young woman thought she could be the change for other girls in her village so she started a girls learning center.” Tara invested money into the learning center so more girls in her village could also become educated. By investing in dreams, Tara and Arthi gave other women that light of hope.

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