A State of Mind During Exam Time

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Yesterday I took a pen & paper to write an exciting & informative article about some global issues which I intended to post in VOY blogging page but lot of topics mingled in my mind & finally I decided not to write about them & instead to write about my own state of mind during the exam time.

It is an exam time now; the days of most hard work in whole semester. The only topic that runs on my mind during the exam time is to study hard so as to achieve good marks; honestly saying the best marks. There are many tough subjects to read i.e. Statistics, Forest surveying, Geology, Silviculture, Extension & communication education & Wildlife biology. There are piles of books, notes, handouts etc. surrounding me & what I have to do is to go into them & study them to understand them. In technical words, “I should input them into my small hard disk (mind) & store them so that I can give output during my exams & print them via pen on examination papers.”

Studying in the beginning becomes interesting; maybe due to anxiety of upcoming exam days but as the hours pass, the mind becomes tired & it becomes tedious.

Then, I feel “Why our education system is subjective?” The education learnt in whole semester is examined via 2 hours examination papers.

Anyway we can’t neglect our exams as they are the foundation of our careers. And our careers mean the strong foundations for the development of our society, nation & the world.

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