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Hello everyone ! I am really honored to start blogging on voices of youth platform and interact with all of you.

First of all, let me introduce myself: My name is Yosr Jouini. I am a civil society member, a software engineering student and an occasional blogger.

So, twenty years ago, I’ve been born in a small country in North Africa called Tunisia. And I’ve been living in a city near the capital. Even though I didn’t move or change where I live, I had the chance to meet people with different backgrounds and from different regions. In the same classroom, I studied with people with totally different visions and lifestyles. In fact, I feel grateful to those little details because they allowed me since a very young age to shape my own point of view and way to interact with others without any previous prejudices. However, we always missed an open space to share ideas and discuss them in a free way. But since the 14th of January 2011, everything changed. Several organizations were created (excessively yes! but still …), people started sharing knowledge and exploiting their skills. But the greatest advantage, for me, was that Tunisians and especially youth started to believe in their potential. Yes, potential is the word I would use to describe my community. I remember that we have always been told that we, as young persons, are part of the solution and not the problem, but we never believe it until we’ve seen a concrete example of our impact, a new life coming true. Is everything perfect now? Definitely not! Are we living the dream exactly the way we imagined it? I’m not quite sure. However, the will of change is the common thing we share as a community. Our potential is our unique tool. And the progress will be our pride.

Too optimistic? Well, maybe. But I will be back to how I see this coming true in upcoming posts.

You may have noticed (or not) that I am quite a multi-passionate person. Actually, even when I was a little girl and others asked me what I want to become or what’s my dream job, I never had a “clear” answer… Believe me I may come up with new ideas or “dream jobs” every single hour. Yet, the only thing I was sure about was and still the image I see when I close my eyes and imagine myself as an adult.

As they say, little girls with dreams grow up to be women with vision. Well, I think this quote applies to nations, too.

I was going to end the post this way, but then I thought why not sharing one more particularity of my community, a less “serious” one, actually. Coming up with both creative and hilarious jokes during difficult periods or events is a distinctive character Tunisians have in common. It is always this way: someone comes up with a hilarious joke criticizing the situation and then everyone starts sharing it and posting new ones. This is the most spontaneous way Tunisians express their thoughts, complain, criticize and make fun of every situation and even of themselves. Humor is their way to go through difficult situations and express their love of life and joy.

From now on, if you meet a Tunisian neighbor or colleague, get to know him because happiness is contagious.

I hope you enjoyed reading this introductory post and let me know what do you think about it.

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