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Hey everyone! It is always a joy to share with you people what I think, feel, create... And of course It is always a greater joy to read the amazing blogs you write and the comments you post. But today I want to share with you a treasure I have discovered while randomly talking to my friend Jessica about blogs.

For me, Jessica is this awesome person who I've become friends with in a short time and who has always supported me through my journey of human rights with her. Jessica did something last year, she took a year off from her med school in Sweden and came to Turkey. And she spent 11 months in Turkey to work for/with refugees on the field.

While having a Skype call, I brought up the issue of blogging (she knows that I (try to) blog), and I asked her if she ever had a blog. She said that she had one when she was 10 but she didn't remember the name of the blog, and she had written one last year. "I didn't write that regularly..." she said and sent me the link of the blog after I asked for it. I opened the link and saw the first post titled as "My mind is still in Greece" (she went to Greece while she was in Turkey).

The conversation about blankets just broke my heart:

Give me a blanket please, just one blanket”
”You have a blanket already. I know it’s not enough, I know you’re still cold, but look – this person doesn’t have any blanket at all, and we only have one blanket left.”
”It’s for my children, please, they’re cold”

And what she wrote afterwards:

'Who has a blanket? Who is exaggerating? Who is telling the truth? We try to be fair, but fairness doesn’t exist, does it? It is cold, for everyone. We run out of blankets, we drive home. I lie down on a pallet under the warmest blanket that I can find. Two blankets. Three blankets. It’s not windy, it’s not wet. Still, I am cold.'

After the first one, I kept checking out her entries (most of them about her experience in Greece) and felt the need to share it with you - this blog with emotion, experience and a strong voice.

So here it is. Stay well, stay amazing.

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