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“Do you want to listen to the radio?” “Yeah! Prambors, please! It is 102.2 FM.”

Both radio and television are using frequency in order to broadcast their programs. Frequency is free in the air, and what they actually do is borrow the frequency and ask for a canal for them to take place. I will focus on television when I talk about frequency.

Frequency is free, and its public, so logically those television stations must serve programs which are safe and appropriate for the audience. In fact, there are so many television programs from some television stations in my country that provide inappropriate and awful programs. How could I say that they are awful? It is because they provide something that will harm the audience psychologically and it becomes a threat for people’s sensitivity. Perhaps I will talk about this more in another post.

Indonesia Broadcasting Comission (KPI) is an independent institution that has an authority to watch and make sure that content on TV programs is okay. KPI will see if there’s any infraction and take action to the TV station to “fix” their program. KPI is also the one who makes rules in TV programs' content and to the television commercials (TVC), or as we know them as commercial breaks.

HOWEVER, I even doubt myself if I could say that KPI has any AUTHORITY to do its role as the supervisor and punishment-giver in my country. The only thing that KPI can do is just give a warning letter to the offender, and the hardest punishment that KPI can do is to give the TV program (that becomes an offender) a temporary-ceasing. If the period of its punishment is over, then the program will be able to be broadcasted again.

Now in Indonesia, people are shouting to KPI to decrease, or even stop, the presence of political commercial breaks on television, knowing that later in April 2014 we will have an election for the president and vice president of Indonesia.

We have a completely different story from France. The Conseil Superieur de l’Audiovisuel (CSA) has a very firm authority supervising television programs. The CSA can fire the head of the television station if he or she is doing something wrong. The CSA is able to take off the broadcast permission from a television station.

The point is, I’m just curious about the authority of this kind of institution. Do we really need a strict supervisor like CSA, or is KPI enough for us? How about your country? How about your TV programs content?

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