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I am going to write about abortion, a very big issue nowadays. Actually it has both risen and fallen because the amount of contraceptives has increased. There are still those who don’t look after themselves and it occurs a mistake.

Abortion is a termination of pregnancy; it is very common nowadays among young people. In the US it is much more common than in Sweden and we think that way because we see it a lot on American television, movies and in advertising.

Many young people don’t think about how abortion can destroy their bodies and how it affects them in the future. I think people need to use more contraception to reduce the amount of lives lost. It is not a joke, in the end they all are people who deserve to live, but young people do not take responsibility, and they should.

Reasons for abortions are many but the most frequent are: they cannot afford a baby, have relationship problems, they are too young to be parents, they have a child that will disrupt education etc. I do not think they should allow abortion that easy, they should make it more strict. Many do not realize that there are people who lose their lives because of diseases and then there are these young people who only think of themselves.

I think they should make the age limit 18 in every country for abortion but if there are situations, as a victim of rape then it should be allowed. But there are countries such as in Latin America and in Europe where it is forbidden to have an abortion.

In the US there are certain rules to have abortion: you have to receive permission by your parents to have an abortion if you are under 18 and you have until the 19th week to have an abortion (and that is the same in Sweden). If it’s after the 19th week, you need permission from the Judicial Council.

I hope that this article can help people realize the seriousness of the situation, abortion is dangerous and unhealthy, this made me realize how damaging it is, every human should think twice before doing anything and I hope you do to!

Stefani Anton

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