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Hi everyone!

Current societies run faster than ever, that´s why new things are more desired and younger people have earned renewed appreciation because features of ourselves and our surroundings seem to change at the speed of sound. One thing that comes out of it as a beneficial fact is that younger people are now hugely recognized as subject of law but also seen no longer as just "the future" but also the present

A way to illustrate this is by looking at how children and young people from across the globe are engaging in positive life-changing experiences to improve their reality or that of others, through their action. What comes after that is huge reciprocation that might not be money or fame but something definitely more important and valuable, the bliss of finding in other´s happiness, your own happiness.

On behalf of neoliberalism, highly established in Chile, many political features are protective of the economy and forgetful towards people, through that Chile´s economy has been granted with a sterling reputation. However the highly deregulated labour market has been configured to the detriment of civil rights and basic guidelines in terms of working conditions.

Nevertheless there are people taking action, and the highlight made in this post is specially dedicated to university and school students who take time and effort to improve unionists life through activism that involves basic education or even helping with fundraising and protest support in order to fight exploitation and job insecurity.

Why? And how?

Why? There are many ways through which workers are detached from the rights they are entitled as employees, for example outsourcing that generates miserable wages or “multirut” (in Spanish), which enables the identification of a legal entity with many identification numbers based on the branches of the same company, (banned last month) which has a negative impact on the collective action of workers.

These among others take place and mean abusive ways to hire and maintain employees, denying the benefits inherent to their condition. This causes the weakening of human value expressed through abuses in the course of command, discrimination and lack of rights, impoverishment of workers' collective action, acceptance of contracts with arbitrary clauses, incomplete wages and absence of social benefits generating high levels of (employees) debt, (employer’s) tax evasion, enriching of business groups and finally economic and social inequality.

The fact that these kind of things happen in a “Modern” country is overwhelming and highly reprehensible - anti-union practices are not acceptable.

How? There are many ways that young people can help unionists. One of them is through workshops designed to teach workers about their rights so they can stand by them. Education is a key way to ensure people understand their reality ;

Another way is by raising awareness also in the academic community so that skate-holders have more support; and also another way is by joining them in their protest inside the universities or out on the streets in a peaceful way. Fund-raising is also helpful so that workers take signs and demand their rights so the public eye and specially the government focuses on this situation.

Finally I would like to encourage you to get involved with youth groups that work for specific causes that benefits people´s live in any manner, as it is enriching and immensely rewarding. If you have the chance, if there is something you consider unfair do your best to change it : ) even small actions count..

Remember act or accept.

Thanks for Reading

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