Algerian youth want change

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirms the right of every person to express his opinion and choose a style of living that He likes for himself

But, unfortunately, this right has faced for a long time various types of abuse and assault in a large number of countries around the world that don't really recognize the right of its citizens to contribute in a positive move in the political and economic life, despite the fact that the constitutions and local laws provide it.

The Middle East and North Africa, including Algeria, have remained the region to mostly embrace this contradiction between words and deeds. It seems really disappointing to know that young people, who are the largest age group in this region, are considered to be the most vulnerable to the violation of their freedoms, the right of expression and a real political participation.

The people in power in Algeria don't care about the feelings of young people and they do not seriously consider their situation. They don't try to embody their demands.

It is moving forward in its options to extend survival in power over the 4th term of the current President Bouteflika and continue to restrict the right to assembly or make demonstrations and hinder the establishment of satellite channels, especially for youth to express without limits.

Given this degraded situation .. Algerian youth decided to regain the initiative and go out to the street to express their strong desire to change and rejection to continue living under President Bouteflika ..They want to regain their status as young people, with a natural vital role to manage the way towards future.

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