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Where am I, why is every alien a slave, why do aliens get locked up when they misbehave, why do they preach peace yet they seek war, why is there no love anymore, everyone has their own name yet they are all the same, a number determines their level of respect, if your number is high it means you are always correct, they are intelligent but they keep on focusing on the irrelevant, everything around them is dying and all their efforts in trying to save what is left is just causing more death, there is a way but they just do not see it, a certain level of understanding is needed, how can they expect to become one when nothing is being done, can they not see that the more they ignore the core of the problem that tore their world apart will soon lead them to their doom, why do they continue with what they do, can they not see the troubles they put themselves through, I see peace for them, but then again, peace does not exist in all men, maybe this place was meant to be like this from birth, this is a strange place, I will call it Earth..

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