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Credit: Voices of Youth

Credit: Voices of Youth

Love - a magical word which can ease any pain, relieve anyone from any hardship and can unlock another one's heart. What a life we all have when we breathe thanks to the power of love, a power which we underestimate and forget about but yet, cannot move on without.

When you open your eyes, and look through your window and see all the clouds moving over the sky you can feel yourself floating through the air, thinking of your heart as a feather that is bound by the strength of the universe to float and search for other love around it. Tending to be a mere human being is the problem of our minds - while we could tend to become more than flesh and bones and to embrace the liberty that life offers us.

Maybe what we need is a new love, like no other before, a love that carries your soul away for a while, letting your mind experience a beauty that life is. And in those moments your heart would pound and your eyes will let the tears out like a spree in spring, warm and fast, and you would want to explode and leave a million pieces forever, which would go on and on until the end of time, leaving a trace behind for every magnificent moment they witnessed in the past - to show the next generations what the word ''love" meant to YOU.

We are the witnesses of love.

Our beings exist because of love.

All we need, in the end, is love.

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