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Vien and Katy Perry

Vien and Katy Perry

On December 3, 2013, I participated in the Katy Perry event with my school, The Brooklyn International High School. It was amazing! Our school was invited to attend this special event at the UNICEF House in New York City where Katy Perry was going to be announced as UNICEF's newest Goodwill Ambassador. I liked meeting Katy Perry and the UNICEF staff. Katy talked about her trip to Madagascar with UNICEF to help children there. My favorite part was hearing Katy Perry talk about her trip and watching the music video of her newest song, Unconditionally. I think Katy Perry will be a good Ambassador for UNICEF because she’s very humble, I think she loves children very much, and wants to help all children around world. That is why Katy Perry decided to join UNICEF on a field mission to the mountain villages of Madagascar. The music video and the interview with Katy Perry and UNICEF's Executive Director, Tony Lake, clearly showed me these things.

Katy Perry inspires young people through her songs and through her commitment to UNICEF. She wants us to know that children must be treasured, children need to be protected, they need to go to school, and should be taken care of. In the future, they will be the people who help build the world. But in the world now, a lot of children are dying, starving, abused and they can't go to school because they don’t have money. UNICEF and Katy Perry will work very hard to help them. UNICEF wants everyone all over the world to contribute their voices and join UNICEF to help children. Children must no longer suffer. The things Katy Perry and UNICEF said in that event moved me deeply and made me want to speak up for children’s rights.

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