An event to remember

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Katy Perry with Brooklyn International High school.

Katy Perry with Brooklyn International High school.

An event to remember

I’ve never been so honored to witness such a great person become the voice of youth and the Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF. I was so surprised when UNICEF announced that the celebrity of all celebrities was going to be with us. The Queen of Pop, Katy Perry, was the highlight of the ceremony. My favorite part of the whole experience was watching the music video for her new song, Unconditionally, because I saw a different side of her that we don’t usually see. The video was filmed in Madagascar where Katy Perry joined UNICEF staff on a field mission. There, she witnessed the lives of children living in poverty and saw the work that UNICEF is doing on the ground.

My second favorite part was when I took a picture with her. It touched me because even though she was in a hurry to leave, she took her time to take pictures with the youth who were there to witness her dedication. Katy Perry is not only a singer; for most teens, she’s a role model. A lot of young girls look up to her and I am so proud that she will get to share her big heart to help children around the world. I think she will be a great Goodwill Ambassador because of the dedication she has made to the cause.

One thing that touched me the most was how her trip to Madagascar inspired her to use her fame to help children. I think her experience out there, young girls who look up to her will feel committed to be part of her journey. The way she carries herself is inspiring to young people. She carries herself with confidence wherever she goes. She believes that with support, young people have the power to change their own life.

It’s important for celebrities to be part of organizations like UNICEF so that they can help spread awareness about what is really going on around the word. UNICEF is an especially important organization because it helps children in the world who suffer from poverty and hunger. Katy Perry can use her fame to teach those who are unaware of what is happening and motivate them to be part of the process of changing the world. She inspires me to do whatever I can to help kids in need.

Goodwill Ambassador

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