An Ocean of Drops: Kyrgyzstan pop stars call for youth to be more active in the country's development

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Тамчы дениз - &...

The UN system in Kyrgyzstan is pleased to present a new song "Tamchy deniz” (An Ocean of Drops) and its music video created with participation of Kyrgyzstan’s popular singers. The song was recorded as part of the Post 2015 campaign aimed at formulating the global development agenda after completion of the Millennium Development Goals, which were launched in 2000 at the Millennium Summit. We hope that the song will inspire young people of Kyrgyzstan to be more active and contribute to Kyrgyzstan’s development, because its development depends on each of us.

As part of the Post 2015 campaign, citizens of Kyrgyzstan shared their views on the future of their country. The results of this research will be reflected in the global report and will form the basis for a new international development programme.

We want to thank all participants of the project:

Artists: Mirbek Atabekov, Darkhan, Nurbek Savitahunov, Saltanat Ashirova , Gulzada and Ayana Kasymova for gratuitous participation in the project.

Songwriters: Ayzar Kasymov, Emil Egen, Kyyalbek Urmanbetov.

Creators of the music video: Azim Azimov, Erkin Abakirov and the New Independent Media team.

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