Are we looking for perfection?

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Should we search for it ?

Should we search for it ?

At the expense of global warming, disruption in the earth's crust, conflict and reduction in the earth's value coupled with the increase in population- the affairs of the world when weighed varies with the value of being perfect. Today, the world is in crumbles - thronged with unprofitable visions. We have the West Africans causing havoc - with a massive increase in corruption and killing. Others are organising drugs and doing other malicious traits. Young girls and boys are being used to transfer marijuana to other neighbouring countries, so kidnapping increases extensively, human rights are humiliated, youth are killed for protesting against evil and the government raises budgets for their pockets only. With all this confusion, can we still make the world perfect? I really don't think we can! We can only reduce the rate of corruption, killing, and help the less when disasters occur. If we come together - Africa, Asia, America, Europe etc.- with a joint heart and savoured with the right notion- then we can do more.

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