Are you aware of this year's UN international youth day theme?

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In 1999 a UN assembly set aside 12 August of every year as the UN international youth day .Since then every year different issues that were thought to be affecting the youth were set as themes of the day. Different stakeholders sit down and discuss various ways of dealing with these issues and measures are put in place to address them.

This year’s theme is ‘youth and health matters ’ with the slogan mental health matters. According to World Health Organization(WHO) in every four people one is suffering from mental health and that could be you or me regardless of our social class, race, education level, religion etc

The mentally ill are most of the times discriminated and denied basic human rights like food, education, shelter and to some people they are a bother. Just recently I watched a news clip of a 12 year old boy who had been tied in a sheep pen for the last 8 years in my country . When the father was asked why they had isolated one of their own, he said the boy was a nuisance to other family members. Actually the feeble looking child was shedding tears as he was being rescued maybe as a non verbal message that he didn’t deserve that cruel treatment. This case just represents many other forms of violence, the mentally ill go through in our society.

As we celebrate this year’s UN international youth day, I urge you all not to discriminate the mentally ill but support them to realize their goals in life. By the way from my own observation these people are artistically super talented and given a chance they can do marvelous.

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