At the Almost-End of Our Humanity

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I almost couldn't find anything to say, because we are in a place where it feels like there is nothing one can say. It feels like we are almost at the end of our humanity.

But I have to say something, we have to say something. Being human is all we have, and we cannot let it end. We cannot let it die.

So here it goes...

On 4th April 2017, the Syrian City of Idlib was targeted by a 'chemical attack', 58 people were killed according to BBC. Later the number was given as "more than 80", according to Aljazeera.

32 people made it to a hospital in Turkey, 3 of them died. The results of the autopsy, done in Turkey, confirmed the usage of chemical weapons.

The Syrian government denied the usage of chemical weapons on their behalf, saying that their planes were in the area to attack a building which was allegedly used as a chemical weapons factory by the rebels.


96 words.

All the suffering, all the crimes against humanity, the point we are at today; all summed up in 96 words. At least this is the part of the story that reaches us, what we see as the rest of the world: numbers, explanations, examinations...

But we all know the story is more than this.

Anyone who lives in the Middle East, knows the struggle. How complex everything is, how chaos is just standing outside the door, how the dynamics can easily shift…all the games being played and all the conflict we have...

A war started. A war continued, built on vengeance and hunger for power. People lost their lives, lost their homes, lost their memories and everything they built. People had to go, and they did. Millions of people left their countries and everything they had, and they were not welcomed in the places they went. Maybe because they reminded everyone that we all live in one world and we don’t have the luxury to look the other way. They were judged for not fighting for their country, they were judged for wanting to live.

And 6 years into this war, on a warm (I assume) April morning, a child woke up by the sound of the attack.

She got confused and scared.

Then she started to feel pain, unlike anything she had felt before.

Everyone went outside, her father had to carry her because she started to have convulsions. She wanted to cry, but she couldn't. She couldn't even breathe.

She felt like she was drowning, like that one time when they were at the sea and she fell into the water. But back then her father could save her; now he was just desperately yelling for help.

People came and tore her clothes apart so that they could wash the chemicals from her body. She couldn't figure what was happening to her,

She couldn't figure why...


This is just one story, but we all know it applies to many.

We all know that everyone who is contributing to this conflict is responsible. Everyone who has violated the rights of others or failed to protect them, everyone who wants to enforce their authority.

And against all of them, here I stand. I defend the rights of humans whether in peace or conflict. I pledge to not divide or discriminate against any. I pledge to care, I will always care. I will always dig deeper and find something to say. I will always speak up and remember what can happen if I don't.

I will not let humanity die. I will never stop believing in the meaning of being human and I will always cherish it.

Here, I call all of you to pledge with me, to stand on the right side of the history, to always help others have a voice, and to be a voice yourself.

I will never fall or be silenced, I will never let that happen to you.

I will always be a human and I will always remember what it means to be one.

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