Attain Your Goal?

no picture Micheal Adebola Adeniyi
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A goal is a short target we make and need to pursue, and in order to achieve this pursuit we have to be dedicated and hardworking. Goals are little promises we make to ourselves, but they can only be achieved, not just by sitting on premises of a school, workplace or other sorts, but by fufilling the promises we have made. Achieving goals is never easy; its rough. When you cannot achieve your goals in life, fall back in again. Try to approach any problem you meet on your way. Crush them, rush but make sure it's not a death race. Remember to make all odds a stepping stone to your grandeur journey. Make the top your direction. Let's make history something that is "started from the bottom now we here". When a goal is scored in a football match it's celebrated. So make your goal, attain it and celebrate it.

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