Attainable Food Security

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Food Security is a huge problem that is plaguing the world. Globally, about 870 million people are estimated to be undernourished. Additionally, one in six children in developing countries are underweight. Without proper nourishment, children’s growth can be stunted, and it will result in many more issues as the children enter their adult age.

The biggest issue is not providing people with food, but having countries develop food on their own. Some areas in African countries do not have the materials or the information to grow a sustainable amount of food. For example, Prof. Philippa Ojimelukwe of Nigeria stated: “Nigeria needs to modify her food habits as well as agricultural practices in order to improve her food security situation” (1). — Our goal should be to make countries self-sufficient in their food security. We need to educate people about new efficient agriculture techniques (e.g. The Comparative Farming System) so food impoverished countries can develop food for themselves. With this, meeting global Food Security may be in reach.


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