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First of all, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Merima Beganović and I come from a country that belongs to the category of less known countries. Montenegro is indeed a beautiful country, with stunning nature and wonderful seaside.

However, awareness of the world in my country is far below normal. Most of the people here limit themselves to only their personal problems and don't care what happens in the whole world. They must be understood, of course, but they must also understand that they are not only an important member of their family, but also an important member of the world.

Huge problems like global warming, poverty, hunger that exist in the world are not their biggest concern, and they often defend themselves saying: ''Everyone has got their own problems.'' They behave just as if they, as much as all the people in the world, are not responsible for those problems.

All of that makes me wonder, how can we make a difference in the world if everyone is skeptical about change? Is it because they are afraid that things do not actually get better? Or is it because they do not care? They just don't get what small effort they need to make in order to achieve great results.

I tend to believe that people are not that corrupted and some day they will be aware of how their actions effect the world around them, directly or indirectly. We can only to hope that it will not be too late.

Merima Beganović

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