Basic Needs of Children

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Some children grow up in environments that make them feel scared and unsafe. This is why they develop emotional and psychological problems, which force them to act out by becoming defiant. This is why we should be very careful of the kind of environment we bring up our children in. Apart from food and shelter, there are so many needs that a child requires to be met for them to grow up wholesomely. If these needs are not met, the child will feel unloved and abandoned, and they may develop bitterness towards their parents as well as the rest of the world as a result. Here are some basic needs of every child:

Love and affection

Every child needs to feel loved and adored. This will help them to grow up to be confident and strong individuals, knowing their place in the world. Children who are abandoned at an early age feel threatened and insecure. They also cannot form wholesome relationships with other people, because they have a hard time trusting people. It is better for a child to be brought up by one loving parent rather than having both parents, who keep quarreling and being cruel to him.

Stable living condition

Children are very delicate when it comes to settling down. They need to have a stable place they can call home and that seldom changes. This helps them to form stable friendships with other children in the neighborhood and be able to play with them. Child play is what develops skills and language and it is very vital for every child. As such, every parent should strive to make their child comfortable in their chosen home and try not to move around too much. This is because this kind of instability affects the child both emotionally and psychologically.

Good nutrition

Every child needs to have a balanced diet, in order to grow up healthy and strong. They also need to be able to access food at all times and be able to choose healthy foods. Most children grow up on junk foods and this makes them obese and unfit. This is turn spoils their self-esteem and makes them feel unworthy. Children need to be taught the importance of taking fruits and vegetables and choosing healthy snacks instead of sugary foods with no nutritional value. They should also be monitored to ensure they do not develop eating conditions like bulimia and anorexia in their bid to get thinner like their friends.

Good learning environment

As children grown up, they need to be put in an environment that helps them learn more skills in life. This is why you should choose a home which is near other children and also near schools. Children who have no one to interact with grow up not knowing about many important skills in life. Children should learn from their friends how to play, how to read and write and the alphabet. This will help them to hit the ground running when their time to go to school comes. They will also develop good relationships and learn how to share with other children.

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