Be ready for a Good Experience with VOY!!

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First of all, I want to say Congratulations to the youth who have been selected as the Voices of Youth Bloggers and I am sure you will have an awesome experience.

Voices of Youth is the best place for you to be heard by the world, in a good way. It’s because you can share your thoughts such as ‘What you Like’ or ‘What you don’t like’ about anything you have seen and heard. Instead of blaming each other for something wrong, you can think deeply, write, paint, or make a video about your views and find for other perspectives in order to find a good solution. I’m sure that all of us have known that finding a solution to many problems in this world is not an easy thing to do, but I am the kind of person that believes we can start everything from the smallest step with a great desire and warm heart. So at least by writing and sharing your thoughts, you can make people ‘aware’ about something that you think ‘matters’ for the sustainability of our environment and society.

Being chosen as a Blogging Intern for VOY is a big chance, challenge and responsibility to you, in order to inspire the other youth and people. So this is your chance to write and share the experiences of many ‘Inspiring’ people around you or maybe around this world.

Let me make it more simple. Think about someone that really inspires you and find the reasons. Is there something about them you can follow or tell other youth in order to make their dreams come true? What makes those people awesome in your eyes? Something they desire? Struggle with? Or a job they might have? Then, make an appointment to interview them and don’t forget to give the reasons why you chose them as the interviewer? Write about it and spread the world!

If you are inspired by a Social Worker and write about them, can you imagine how many youth will be inspired and dream about being a Social Worker as well? Can you imagine if there were many people in this world who work in the same way? You would reach your dream more easily because you are working together, helping each other and have the same desire to make a better world for everyone. This one is just an example of how this awesome platform will work, because I’m sure you all have a good or even better way to share your thoughts through Voices of Youth.

Don’t forget to always join in the monthly debate. You will always be heard in this debate and the most important thing is, you will find out many more different perspectives from other youth about an issue. The differences are really important to make a good decision or even about policy. You should make sure that your decision is right and good for everybody, including you and nobody will be hurt because of that. So, you can learn to be wise through this section. You can also learn about the different opinions based on someone’s culture, educational background and even faith. And whenever VOY is asking for your answer or opinion on Twitter or Facebook, don’t hesitate to share your opinion about it, because your voice will be counted.

So what I’m trying to say is, this is your big chance to spread the world with the kindness. This is your chance to hear so many perspectives about an issue, to get a lot of information, to be involved in making a decision, to be counted on, and to have new friends and family.

So, be ready for a Good Experience with VOY!!

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