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There are, as Yaz said, conscious people out there. Before June I believed such people were isolated cases separated by hills, ridges, rivers and seas. I came to be proven wrong. From a sampling of nine other young people from around the world, I learnt a great deal.

This internship was a phase in my life where I experienced the process of becoming. Each week, reading articles from my nine fellows, I sort of resonated and empathized and in the end, regarded each as a compatriot.

Hannah and her stories that were sort of a showcase to both sides of a coin – illuminating an ease with which we should look at life. She made me look for peace within. Maria and how unbelievably outspoken her articles were. Highlighting everyday happenings and making me question why? She made me actively start thinking about what I wanted to achieve in this big bad world. From Harsh I read about Nepal, a country I previously knew as home to Mt. Everest, and nothing further.

The unwavering optimism in Enana’s works. I learnt from her a lot about the Assyrian people, their culture and resilience. Her advocacy, matched the outlook of a farmer who sees the tree before starting to water the seed. Shorouq and her subdued short pieces on beauty, despair and stretching the concept of family.

In essence, I discovered other parts of this globe through my screen. I saw how writing has the power to effect change within the self. How my people and my stories are not all there is out there. How beliefs and experiences vary as one scales this world we live in. Our similar and yet varying truths that map and shape our outlook.

I will remember most Mischa, my bearded mentor. Such a considerate human being. There were times I was unable to come up with weekly posts - staring at the infamous blinking cursor, but he would understand and give me time. Time to craft stories that he would comprehensively critique, share his wise words with me. I hope I space better now, Mischa?

In these three months I have become interested in the world, in why things happen and how people respond to difficult situations. Through collaborations with Yaz, Sonia and discussions on writing with AnuOluwapo Adelakun (hehe, I love the sound of that name), I have broadened my approach in putting pen to paper. How I weave stories from the unending yarn that is human experience.

There is a story in each grain of sand, each moment in time. From your waking breath, how the light streams in, your eyelids opening to the setting of the sun, silence in the night, fatigue and the beckoning of sleep. In everything in between. I seek to find it. This, I hope, is not the last you’ll hear of me.

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