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Please introduce yourself:

I Am Cadmus Atake- Enade, an environmentalist from Nigeria. I am an ecoActor who believes in environmental advocacy and justice. I engage in campaigns for a sustainable future for generations to come.

I believe in taking meaningful action and taking steps to sustain our ecosystem (environment) by educating children, youth and adults to live an environmentally, friendly life. I effectively harness and manage mother earth's natural resources through direct interaction via social media, symposiums and environmental campaigns to keep them informed of current and global environmental issues.

What are the expectations of young people in your country or community?

Well the expectation of young people in my country is to see that there is a long lasting solution to leadership crisis, corruption by leaders and government officials, environmental degradation and injustice, pollution, mass poverty, high illiteracy rates, and gross violation of human rights.


Why is youth participation in today’s society very important/necessary?

Youth participation in today's society and generation is vital because they are the ones who currently make up about half the total population of any nation. They are the ones who will make up the next generation of leaders and inhabitants of the earth. Hence, they need to be fully involved in issues relating to their future and the environment to create a sustainable future for us all.


Are you engaged in civic issues? If so, what do you do?

Yes, I am fully engaged in civic issues such as environmental advocacy and environmental awareness campaigns. I raise awareness in public places such as schools, buses and around my community. By doing so, I encourage people to live an environmentally friendly life style by always living green. I ensure that waste and other pollutants in the environment are properly disposed of.

What is your motto or your favorite expression?

My motto is taking action to sustain the ecoSystem (environment) for future generations to come.


Is there any advice or message you want to give to youth?

My advice to youth is to keep living green, always practice an environmentally friendly life style, never sell your right or vote just for money... Live right in unity of purpose you shall conquer all obstacles along your path to success... Live right and live free as a young person. If you have a great talent, don't fail to use it to transform and change your world for the better. Above all, trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean on others' understanding and wisdom.

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