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Eid basically is one of the most exhilarating experiences of the year. It is a traditional festival where people are in a rapturous mood and celebrate it with full amusement. Quetta is a small valley where people aspire to live happily in a peaceful nature. I belong to the Hazara tribe, a peaceful tribe which is most of the times the target of terrorism the selected persons among us are targeted and are martyred. This is increasing day by day and getting out of control!

The most devastating shock ever that the Hazara's experienced was the blast of Eid day at the 31st of august 2011 which occurred in Gulistan town. On the main junction people were going for their eid prayers no one was acquainted that something like this would occur children dressed in their new clothes were proceeding towards the circus to enjoy the Eid day with full pleasure and suddenly the bomb exploded the targeted area was a single km away, or maybe less, than where I live.

The explosion distressed every one. A happy day turned into a disaster. The streets turned red in color and somewhere a dead body was lying around and somewhere a woman was crying for her child or her husband. All the joy and excitement turned into a chaos.The intensity of the blast was so high that the shock waves demolished all the glasses in the houses its radius was 2 km big and researches state that the bomb weighed almost 100 kg.

If we analyze the situation: what is the fault of poor Hazara people? What have they done to pay the high prices of their bodies, their blood and their close ones? What have they done and why are they criticized every time? Is this the result of their innocence and peaceful standard of life?

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