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The girl: Brave

The getup: Purple gown with silver sprinklings.

I made this sketch and I named it Brave!

The state of my mind usually reflects on my drawing. Like, when I'm sad, I tend to create a saddish-looking sketch, but, when I'm happy I'd sketch something rather cheerful and colorfully bright. Other times when i'm really down, drawing would most likely than not serve as an outlet where I can both vent my disappointment and still create something artistic.

Lately, I've been feeling a lot braver than usual, hence the existence of this sketch, and to tell you the truth its an incredibly nice feeling. My new found confidence has everything to do with the books I've been reading and the music I've been listening to. The type that reminds me that I'm beautiful. The type that tells me to wear that blue dress I love so much, the one everyone else have decided doesn't suit me. The type that reminds me that I'm not alone. The type that encourages me to speak out. They type that urges me to conquer my fears because I am capable.

So, hey you! This post is written as much for you as it is for me. As long as there's something you ardently enjoy doing, be sure to make use of it positively. Whether it is singing; I hope it makes you feel alive, I hope it makes you happy and I hope it lifts your spirit whenever you feel down in the dumps or out of sort.

Dancing; let it help you recognize your self-worth and your ability as a person.

In speech or writing; let the flow of words give rise to freedom. Let it tell your story and inspire the rest of the world.

Remember, we are game-changers. All of us!

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