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Tech Girls in a Google Hangout

Tech Girls in a Google Hangout


It's a wonderful experience for most of the Tech girls club members using the internet for the first time in their lives. It's especially wonderful when they are interacting and sharing knowledge with a lot of other girls from around the world during a Google hangout during the UNICEF International Day of the Girl.

"It's (a) wonderful and exciting experience for me to be part of the hangout. Initially I thought it was my imagination that, I was listening to other girls from other countries sharing their experience about ICT education, but in the end, I believed my eyes" Forson Gifty - (Pong Tamale Experimental primary). A lot more of the Tech Girls members express their gratitude to Savana Signatures and UNICEF Ghana for given them the opportunity to be part of the event to celebrate girls and for more of such opportunities.

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