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friends forever.

friends forever.

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a historical document and it marked a change in the perception of human rights. The basic or fundamental rights that each one of us has are the sources for peaceful and harmonious society. Nowadays we can see various human rights campaigns demanding more a just, equitable, and free world all around us. The dimension of human rights is also expanding and including diverse issues for various sectors of the population. Even 'the right to defend human rights' is getting attention.

In this era, we stand for women, children, the elderly, people with disabilities, the marginalized or poor, etc... But still, recent events like the #MeToo campaign are eye-openers that raise questions whether there has been a change in the mentality and character of humankind. One’s upbringing in society - which can inculcate fresh seeds of humanity in the fertile mind of a child and impress upon him or her a strong ethos - is a necessity. Though the legality of 'naming and shaming' is a matter of debate, it is successful in giving courage to oppressed voices and somewhat creating fear in the backs of the minds for men [the unethical ones].

Today when issues like genocide, terrorism, protectionism, ethnic cleansing are taking place, we must stand for the rights of all. The need of the hour is to build strength in each one of us and create a chain that can help us to survive in the changing global scenario.

And education with values has this potential. The oneness of all human beings and nature must be understood. The youth, who are scattered in all countries carry the key for the future. Everyone carries extraordinary light like Gandhi, Mandela, Suu Kyi, Martin Luther King Jr., Malala etc... They just need the fire to ignite those billions of lights for an illuminated world.

And trust me we can bring this fire in form of 'bright minds with humane hearts'.

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