Causes of a disease that can never be cured

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© UNICEF/BANA2014-00808/Mojumder

© UNICEF/BANA2014-00808/Mojumder

Causes of a disease that can never be cured

Experience is a school where a man learns what a big fool he has been. During this year’s Youth Day, I had an opportunity to look at the causes of HIV/AIDS. One of the causes is that some youth have the tendency of practicing whatever is done by others.

Secondly, I found that others lack support and as a result they tend to go for prostitution which can be the cause. However, youth like girls admire things which they cannot afford. For this reason they follow rich men to use them and gain money.

In my view to conclude, we must first know who we are and then adorn ourselves accordingly. We must also try to help the needy.

Written by

Julie Mulenga

Grade 12B

Luanshya Girls Secondary School

Luanshya Ambassador

(Unite 4 Change)

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