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Take my heart, forever... Novel written by Arpit Agrawal

Take my heart, forever... Novel written by Arpit Agrawal

Change, many of us don't like it, fear it, often close the door when it knocks, but can't impede it from coming. Change can come in disguise with a mask on its face, it is mysterious. You can’t judge if it is for good or bad till it actually happens.

You are doing a job at some firm and you get an offer from another with a salary hike. Do you want to switch? But you can never be sure if the change will be good for you. Maybe the new boss will not be fond of you as much as the last one.

You are living in a rented apartment, you get a bigger one with the same rent. You should change it without giving a second thought. But can you really be sure it will be a good decision? You might not like the environment of the new one.

Is change always good?

These thoughts can stop us from changing anything. We are humans, many of us are scared of change, we sense there is a colossal menace in changing whatever thing because there is always half likelihood that things will go shoddier than they were before.

There are equal odds that you can end up with a titanic slaughter which you can never recuperate.

Still, risk it. Believe in things you know and play it well, trust in your inner soul, trust God and let things happen.

Because if you do not adapt to change, chances are you may get left behind. You want it or not but you have to change.

If you will not change your job just because your boss loves you, maybe your boss could change his job. If you will not shift the apartment because you like your vicinity so much, the owner may ask you to leave. But at that time, the opportunity may no longer be available and nothing is worse than missing an opportunity that could have changed your life.

It can hurt to change even if it is for the good, anybody who tells you it doesn't is lying. Things could go equally wrong even if you do not try to change; then why not.

There are people with jobs that hate when they have to change their location, kids that hate going to a new school, people that hate to find a new group in the society, change is always treated as a bad thing, but is it really?

Had Columbus thought he doesn’t need a change, would he be able to discover America?

Had Gandhi never hunted to change, Indiands wouldn’t have received their independence.

So take my suggestion, whatever you are doing, wrap it up, take a break, go out of your tiny house and explore the giant world, explore in search of change, in search of novelty, craft new ideas, make a new life.

Because trust me, sometimes change is good. And, sometimes change is . . . everything.

“Arpit is an author and newspaper columnist. He writes fiction articles which he hopes can trigger youth into doing good deeds. He has authored two novels 'Dear life, get well soon...' and ‘Take my heart, forever’.”

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