Charity with Creativity (Part 1)

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A few days ago, I was really happy to see my Twitter and Facebook timelines because the world celebrated “Universal Children’s Day” on November 23rd. There were so many positive thoughts and hopes of people and the children. Their thoughts were about what we can do to create, build and develop children’s mentality, what we can do to arrange the better education system for children, what we can do to treat and respect about the children’s rights, how to be aware about the violence among the children’s life, and how to fulfill children’s need in a good way.

Speaking about “Children’s Needs,” I’d love to share my experience when and my friends and me in FISIPERS (The Press Organization at The Faculty of Political and Social Science, Universitas Indonesia) held a Charity Event for the students in a school, named “Sekolah Master.” The special thing about this school is, the students were the children and teenagers who have a job as the street singers, car wash persons or even the beggars, who absolutely can’t provide their needs, especially when they have no parents. Luckily, the teachers in this school are always trying to be wise and happy to teach the students. It was really hard to control children and teenagers who had been living on the street for years.

When I heard about “charity,” I was thinking about collecting donations several times then giving the money to the needy people. However, in my opinion, giving donations, such as money to children is not a good thing to educate them, especially for the needy children. It would teach them that they don’t need to learn or study at school, and they don’t need to find their passion or make something creative to find the money and to live happily in this world. So, me and my friends decided to make the charity event in order to educate the children and also help them with donations.

I called this event “Charity with Creativity.” On that day, we went to Sekolah Master and made many kinds of handicrafts. There were about 35 students and 15 committees who were involved in this event. We were divided into some groups to make photo frames, lanterns, and cute curtains for the windows in their classrooms. The materials that we used were from recycled materials. We used ice cream sticks to make the frames, chopsticks and paper to make the lanterns. We used the recycled cups to make the curtains. After that, we painted them with watercolors and the children looked so happy and excited to paint the handicrafts. By the next day, we sold half of the handicrafts we had made with the students in Sekolah Master. We were so happy because the people on our campus were also really excited to buy the crafts and they also gave us more money for the donations. We can happily give donations to the teachers and children in Sekolah Master as the outcome of their creativity.

With this activity, we tried to tell the children that going to school will make you happy, and your class is your friend. You can utilize trash and make it to be the valuable and worth things. I also wanted to make them believe that everyone has their own fate from the time they were born to the time they die, but the time between, is ours. The responsibility of our life is in our hands. Let’s make it beautiful, learn something new, study and share with your friends, do the good deeds, find your passion and do what you love, so that you can love what you do.

I will share the video version of our activity in “Charity with Creativity (Part 2)”. Kindly share your experiences about the other creative ways to educate and help the needy children around you. Let’s spread the world with love and happiness!!

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