Children in Africa: ”We have the right to live”!

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"What is going on in the other parts of the world ?" this question always pop up in my head and eventually makes me start to think : I have everything I need; clothes, food, home , a school to go to and a family but millions out there are in need and specially in Africa and mostly children.

Children in Africa do not have the basics standers of life. Most of the them -if not all of them- are forced to leave there houses - if actually there is one- due to civil wars (Civil war in Chad 2005–2010), natural disasters and famine (1983–1985 famine in Ethiopia). Being without a shelter and without a family -sometimes they lost their parents in wars and conflicts- those children would not be able to get a proper life. The lack of food and water is a major problem, in Africa –to be specific in central African countries- , the scarcity of food and water is the main cause of the death rows for the last 50 years and most of them were children.

Education is a major problem; those children are not able to go to school. The lack of proper schooling facilities and educators, emigration and conflicts are the main reasons of the low education rates. While other kids around the world are enjoying schools and having fun learning, the young girls and boys in Africa are whether running away from a sudden attack of some kind of rebellious troops or busy working in order to help their families.

They are also suffering from a bad health care system. The health issue is a crucial matter in Africa, bad services in hospitals, the lack of medicines and doctors all this factors are a part of the spread of rare diseases and the death of million of children in the African countries. Drinking mud water and eating inconvenient food is a daily base for the African children. Due to these problems the life expectancy in Africa is very low.

The Aids/HIV is great threat, the children get affected automatically by their sick mothers during the pregnancy terms, and most of the affected kids die at an early age since they can easily be susceptible to diseases in a polluted environment. I believe that we are not really helping those children, giving them some food and providing them with some fresh water from time to time is not a permanent solution, and we have to seriously look for a life time resolution and to pave the way for them in order to get a decent life. They don’t need our words but most likely our actions because what we do is what really matters for them. We have to help them defeat their fears and to move on and the first think to do is not to get them food or clothes but to build them schools to learn how to live and how to think, and when they get the proper education needed they will eventually be able to provide themselves with food and to build their own country and to get a life like any other children.

Because you have everything you need you must help them, because they are part of this world you must help them, because they deserve to be happy you must help them and because they HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE we must help them.

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