Civil Society theme 2 & 3: Improving Protection of Migrants Moving or Working in Irregular Circumstances. Re-imagining Labour Mobility

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Here is our second question for you. Let us hear your opinion and then pass it on to policy makers!

The main reason why young people attempt to migrate is to find the decent work opportunities they struggle to find in their country of origin. In so doing, some of them travel without legal travel documentation while others overstay their permit in a country of destination. Additionally some employment, such as agriculture, home care, food processing, construction and entertainment (including the sex industry), turn out to be irregular or undocumented types of labour. This means that young migrant workers can easily become vulnerable to smugglers, with limited or no access to justice.

In what ways can governments and other development stakeholders, including civil society organizations, address the causes and implications of irregular or undocumented migration of and for young people? What could be done or done better to support young people who felt the need to migrate in an undocumented or irregular manner?

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