Climate change: a shadow that covers all humanity. But can a hungry child help fight it?

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Photo Courtesy: UNICEF

Photo Courtesy: UNICEF

From my own observations, the majority of people in my country (Zambia) do not really connect with issues whose effects are not instant. Climate change is inclusive!

For as long as climate change effects are not directly affecting them, a greater part of the Zambian population gives a blind eye and a deaf ear to issues of climate change. However, many others among them, feel connected to climate related issues once they directly affect them. A practical example that may have pushed people to ponder on their beliefs and stance, are the unexpected heavy rains that poured in mid April in many parts of my country (Zambia). Traditionally the rainy season ends in March. Peoples' crops that were left drying in fields were soaked, many feared for their maize, and their fear was somewhat understandable and genuine because maize is Zambia's staple crop. Any disturbance to it, would dictate hungry homes. Probably the majority of them do not know the unexpected rains may have been a result of what many of them don’t see a connection with; climate change! Not knowing that it even affects what they are more concerned about with-food! But that too, didn't seem to compel them to shift their stance. And I somehow conquer with them, Zambia being a developing country, the majority are concerned about basic needs such as food security and health. The laws of nature can fully back their actions!

I feel it is only after the basic needs are satisfied that things such as conservation can be sought. It's somewhat difficult for one to dedicate time towards the fight against climate change when they do not have food on their table, when they do not have a proper health care system within their reach, when their children have never seen walls of a classroom. It's only when, we table workable poverty alleviation strategies, compulsory provision of health care facilities, and provision of standard education for every child on one table, in one room filled by people from different corners of the globe that we will collectively win the fight against climate change!

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